Friday, August 15, 2008

Neon Guy

Trying a new open source software ... got a lot cool effect and tools.

Design Character for TVC

Our studio got a TVC project that needed a set of child character.
The character designed by Ruben Adriano. I do the digital clean up and the coloring.

Euleh ... Euleh ... si Cepot

A mascot design that I did for entering a design contest ... didn't win ... but I enjoy creating this CEPOT - Indonesian Wayang Character. Adding my portfolio .. he he ...

Background Concept

Doing experiment for a project to come. Try to create a simple, friendly and beautifull environment so kids would love it. Did I do my job?!?


Me and my friend Ruben got this idea of a story for our studio. We want to develop our own animation series. Still doing research and thinking about what's the best story and character to come up with. Still just a dream ... but, just wait (hope not to long .. he he he).

... and this ..


Try to create a child like character based of a rhinoceros. Got an idea in mind.

Love Me

Started with a line .. not knowing what I want to draw .. but finally it finished up like this.

... next step the coloring .. I used digital coloring. Simple shading.

and for the final touch, I just add a natural color for the outline and a background